Pasadena Wedding Photographer

Working with Conrad, you get the sense that this shared-experience aspect of the work is immensely important to him. He understands and values relationships on a deep, sophisticated level, and this informs the images he composes and captures.

As our wedding experience winds down, my wife and I realized that some of the most intimate, special moments we experienced during the entire process came about through our sessions with Conrad. He works in a certain way: freeform, improvisational, yet with a documentary feel. Not overly sentimental, but introspective and exuberant by turns. He has the knack of making the subject feel at ease; of stage-directing for the composition he wants without breaking the spontaneity of the moment.

..except Conrad would never be so presumptuous, or pompous, or immodest as to suggest any of this. He and his team are fun to work with, fast-paced but patient. They're obsessed with details without losing the bigger picture. They're good with following through and responding to questions. And they are, quite simply, cool.

Our wedding day came and went like a whirlwind. Conrad did not disappoint - showing up to two separate hotels in Houston as the guys and girls prepared for the big day. I cannot stress how professional Conrad and is assistant were as they maneuvered through the many people in small spaces, capturing so many special moments that I otherwise would not have seen.

There were a few moments that could have been very stressful, but Conrad remained especially cool and collected amid those instances of chaos.

The guests ranted and raved about the photographers who were 'like ninjas!' dressed in black, moving lightly through the crowd of people and even sliding onto the dance floor to capture the perfect angle of the crazy guy on the dance floor. They were like an accessory to the wedding.

So, here I am, just having celebrated our one year anniversary and looking back on a thousand perfect moments from one day that we will be able to vividly remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Conrad and company ;) for providing a wonderful experience and memories to last a lifetime.

He does posed pictures very well, but he truly shines at capturing the essence of the day, those moments between people, when no one else feels to be around.

Our wedding ended up not being your typical wedding (the groom faceplanted on his walk down the aisle, chipping his two front teeth in half!). Conrad, who certainly could not have any experience dealing with this before, dealt with it with poise and awesomeness. In spite of my husband spending our whole wedding and reception toothless and bruised, Conrad managed to capture the pure joy of the evening.

Wedding pictures are meant to last beyond a life time. Photographic trends ebb and flow like hairstyles. Conrad's pictures are classic. Your children and grandchild will look upon them as beautifully as you do. They are pieces of art.

Ladies, Do yourself a favor. . . stop looking for Photographers and Book CONRAD. I was recently married in October and Booked Conrad for my wedding and engagement Session. Ladies photography is not something you want to skimp on for your wedding.

The day flies by soo fast, and your pictures are the main thing you have left to bring back those memories. Conrad is extremely professional but not stuffy. He makes you feel very comfortable while you're taking your pictures.

He is extremely confident and when he see's an oppurtunity for an amazing shot he takes it. He doesn't take a bunch of boring pose for the camera shots, he is very creative and takes shots that make for INCREDIBLE pictures. Many of my guests commented on how impressed they were with his preofessionalism at the wedding. Everyone was BLOWN AWAY when they saw our pictures, they look like they are straight out of a magazine.

We communicated with him any specific shots we wanted (which is important to do) and he nailed all of them plus more. I honestly can't think of any negatives to our expereince with Conrad. I absolutely LOVE my wedding pictures, and I don't know how many brides can say that. If you are looking for a fun, creative, preofessional Photog . . . . . then Conrad is a must!!! Check out his website . . .the proof is in the pudding!

I LOVE my pictures. I work in customer service and have very high expectations when I am the consumer. Conrad Lim exceeded my expectations big time. When I was searching for a photographer for my special day, I wanted someone who would capture moments. What I mean is, in addition to the "normal" posed pictures that are expected, I wanted to look back at my pictures and really feel like I was peeking into a special private moment shared by me, my husband and my family and friends. Can I just say, Conrad is the master of this. So many of my pictures really had emotion behind them. Tears, laughter and love...

As far as comfort level, I felt extremly comfortable with Conrad and his team. To be honest, I almost forgot they were there at times. They were so unobtrsive yet attentive and observant all at the same time. He also really listened to my concerns and wants prior to the wedding and incorporated my vision with his style and edge to create exactly what I wanted

... Beautiful memories....

I would definitely recommend Conrad Lim Photography to all you future brides. He will not disappoint